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[iOS] CashForApps: Best Pay-Per-Download App (Bonus Inside!)

Special Bonus (Until 3/1/2015)

Sign up using my referral and get 250 bits through ChangeTip! For more information and even more bits, please check here. If you refer a friend to this thread, tell your friend to let me know and I'll tip you an extra 25 bits! Unfortunately, I will need a screenshot to verify that you did indeed sign up with CashForApps using my referral, since there's no way to check in-app.
NOTE: The sidebar rules and the sticky post do not say anything about rewarding people with Bitcoin for signing up under referrals. Therefore, I assume this is fair play. If any moderators have any problems with this, please contact me and I will resolve this problem with you. Thank you!


CashForApps, is an iOS-only service that rewards you with money for trying out free applications.

Important Note

CashForApps uses the same service provider as FeaturePoints and other similar pay-per-download apps. There is no exploit that I know of that will allow you to get the reward on two or more of these pay-per-download apps, unless you have a Jailbroken or rooted device.

CashForApps Basic Information

CashForApps Invite Code: 206b8e
Minimum Payout $2 Amazon Gift Card
In-App Currency Exchange Rate 300 Points = $1
Referral Bonus 20 Points ($0.07)
Average Task Reward** 60 Points ($0.20)
**These values were calculated on January 12, 2015 with a sample size of 30 tasks. The average value was rounded to the nearest ten.

CashForApps Rewards

CashForApps offers an extensive list of gift cards from a variety of businesses and stores.
Rewards List Points Required
$3.40 2% Jazz Coffee - Any 12oz Specialty Coffee 1,020 Points
$5 2% Jazz Coffee Gift Card 1,500 Points
$2 Amazon Gift Card 600 Points
$5 Amazon Gift Card 1,500 Points
$10 Amazon Gift Card 3,000 Points
$5 Applebee's Gift Card 1,500 Points
$10 Athleta eGift Card 3,000 Points
$10 Banana Republic eGift Card 3,000 Points
$5 Barnes & Noble Gift Card 1,500 Points
$25 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card 7,500 Points
$10 Cineplex Entertainment Gift Card 3,000 Points
$5 Columbia Sportswear Gift Card 1,500 Points
$5 CVS Pharmacy Gift Card 1,500 Points
$5.35 CVS Pharmacy Gift Card 1,605 Points
$10 CVS Pharmacy Gift Card 3,000 Points
$25 CVS Pharmacy Gift Card 7,500 Points
$25 Foot Locker Gift Card 7,500 Points
$5 GameStop Gift Card 1,500 Points
$10 GAP eGift Card 3,000 Points
$25 Global Hotel Card 7,500 Points
$10 The Guild Freehouse Gift Card 3,000 Points
$25 The Home Depot eGift Card 7,500 Points
$10 iTunes® Code 3,000 Points
$25 iTunes® Code 7,500 Points
$25 JCPenney eGift Card 7,500 Points
$5 Kafka's Coffee Gift Card 1,500 Points
$17 Kafka's Coffee Gift Card 5,100 Points
$10 Kmart Gift Card 3,000 Points
$25 MyTime Car Care (Los Angeles) Gift Card 7,500 Points
$25 MyTime Home & Garden (Los Angeles) Gift Card 7,500 Points
$25 MyTime Pet Care (Los Angeles) Gift Card 7,500 Points
$25 MyTime Salon & Spa (Los Angeles) Gift Card 7,500 Points
$25 MyTime Salon & Spa (San Francisco) Gift Card 7,500 Points
$25 MyTime Sports & Fitness (Los Angeles) Gift Card 7,500 Points
$25 MyTime Sports & Fitness (San Francisco) Gift Card 7,500 Points
$10 NIKE Gift Card 3,000 Points
$10 Old Navy eGift Card 3,000 Points
$3.40 Picnic Coffee - Any 12oz Specialty Coffee 1,020 Points
$5 Picnic Coffee Gift Card 1,500 Points
$8.03 Regal Entertainment Group ePremiere Movie Ticket 2,409 Points
$10 Regal Entertainment Group Gift Card 3,000 Points
$25 Rogue Clothier & Cyclery Gift Card 7,500 Points
$25 Rook and Rose Gift Card 7,500 Points
$5 Sears Gift Card 1,500 Points
$10 Sephora Gift Card 3,000 Points
$20 Simon Says Roses Gift Card 6,000 Points
$10 Skype Gift Card 3,000 Points
$5 Spa Week Spa & Wellness Gift Card 1,500 Points
$5 Starbucks eGift Card 1,500 Points
$5 Target eGift Card 1,500 Points
$10 Target eGiftCard 3,000 Points
$25 Target eGiftCard 7,500 Points
$25 Veneto Tapa Lounge Gift Card 7,500 Points
$5 Walmart eGift Card 1,500 Points
$25 Walmart eGift Card 7,500 Points
$25 Wine.com Gift Card 7,500 Points
$5 Zambri's Gift Card 1,500 Points
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